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CAD XR is a visualization tool that allows users to view their CAD models in virtual or augmented reality. The software’s user interface is extremely simple and intuitive, while also allowing for a wide array of customization options. 

Viewing models in CAD XR gives users a true visualization of their projects without the need of construction or physical models. The industries that would benefit from CAD XR range vastly, from the automotive industry to construction to consumer electronics.

CAD XR allows users to make adjustments to an object that they wouldn’t normally be able to judge without physically seeing it in person. CAD XR makes that possible by delivering the closest thing to the real version.


  • Performs at 90 FPS

  • Access to 3D CAD models with fully adjustable scale

  • ​Ability to walk through building designs​

  • Simple, intuitive process to view models in VR

  • Simple button interface with a Radial UI menu

  • Conveniently swap between files

  • Easily modify model color scheme and brightness 

  • A more immersive, hands-on way to examine CAD models


1. Modify Scale

CAD XR lets you instantly scale between tabletop to 1:1 sized models. You can also adjust a model's scale incrementally or via custom slider, allowing for precise sizing.

2. Dismantle Models

Dismantle models to take them apart piece by piece, examining smaller components as well as the model as a whole. Use the "Exploded" feature to automatically dismantle every piece of a model.

3. Customize Your Environment

Change the background of your VR workspace, adjust the brightness of, or add highlights to your models to your liking for a customizable experience.

4. Load Without Leaving VR

Save time and effort by loading imported models directly in VR without having to move back to the desktop. Switch between models with ease and convenience.

Data and Technical Specs
  • CAD XR supports the following formats:

    • AutoCAD DXF (.dxf)

    • Collada (.dae)

    • Stereolithography (.stl)

    • Wavefront Object (.obj)

  • 90-FPS Performance​

  • Windows-based application allows for high performance

  • VR compatible - Utilizes HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

  • Controller support for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers for the VR viewer

  • Easy hand and grip controls to allow fluid model manipulation in the VR viewer

  • Built-in 3D desktop viewer lets users view and play around with a model

  • Shows the triangle count of loaded models in the 3D viewer

  • Supports up to 10 million triangles

  • Displays a coordinate system and viewcube with respect to the 3D model

  • Simple and intuitive mouse controls for 3D desktop viewer

  • Gives users the freedom to export converted files to any specified destination

  • Files can be sorted per the user’s needs (by date, name, or size)

  • User-friendly tool tips are always available to provide assistance

  • Supports backwards-compatible x64 architecture

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