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Interested in CAD XR For Commerical Use?

If you're looking for a more robust software solution for industrial or business use, contact us for our CAD XR Enterprise Edition.


CAD XR Enterprise Edition Features Include:

  • HoloLens/Augmented Reality support

  • Local or Internet multi-user viewing of CAD models

  • Multi-user meeting tools (VOIP, Digital Whiteboard, Measurement Instruments)

  • 100m+ triangle conversion support

  • External DB integration to overlay contextual data

  • Ability to save, print, and share model visual states

CAD XR is a visualization tool that allows users to view their CAD models in virtual reality. CAD XR Core provides our standard visualization software and conversion system, capable of optimizing and displaying CAD models of complexity ranging between 5-10 million triangles. 

CAD XR - Core

CAD XR - 30 Day Trial


CAD XR - Free TRial

The CAD XR 30 Day Free Trial comes with all the features of CAD XR Core for those who want to get a feel for the program before buying it. 

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