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 Computer Design Visualization Software

CAD XR is a visualization tool that allows users to view their CAD (computer-aided design) models in virtual or augmented reality at 90 FPS. Our user interface is extremely simple and intuitive, and also allows for a wide array of customization options. Viewing models in CAD XR gives users a true visualization of their projects before any physical models are built.

In the construction or architecture industry? Walk through a building or view a structure in 1:1 scale to get a true sense of size. 

Work with microelectronics often? Increase the scale of a microchip to one large enough to see every individual part.

In a medical field? Allow patients to judge the size of a prosthetic limb in VR to see what best fits them.

Save time and money by using virtual reality as a means to examine CAD models before they're physically made.

CAD XR Viewer

View CAD models in 3D with just a few mouse clicks.

Simple interface

A dedicated button brings up the radial menu with a handful of options. You can reset position, switch model skins, change lighting, load a new model, and more. 

Intuitive Design
Custom Control

Grab, rotate, and view models from any angle. Adjust model scale from 1:1 to tabletop in an instant, or adjust size incrementally.

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